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Armen Garslyan: There are thousands people behind us who earn an income for their families

Armen Garslyan: There are thousands people behind us who earn an income for their families

The chairman of PJSC Metafrax Board of directors, deputy of the Perm region Legislative Assembly Armen Garslyan on the meeting of the Perm region head Dmitry Makhonin with the managers of the biggest industrial enterprises of the region stated the readiness of the suggestions of the deputies group “Perm region manufacturers” to support the business. The meeting was held as a videoconference.

Head of the region discussed with the top managers of the companies the measures to prevent the virus COVID-19 spread, issues of the healthcare system readiness and measures of government support for the business in Perm region. Dmitry Makhonin thanked the industrial companies representatives for participation in the fight against the coronavirus. The enterprises keep the patronage over the medical facilities, help procuring the personal protective means and equipment, take care of their employees.

“Industry is a significant part of the region economy, that’s why it’s important for us to help in keeping the industrial enterprises stable”, highlighted the region head.

During his speech Armen Garslyan on behalf of the deputy group “Perm region manufacturers” thanked the region head and his team for the fruitful cooperation.

“We see the real support of the region head, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Perm region. In this difficult time we are together with the region, and it’s very important. Large business today as never before needs the support, because there are thousands people behind us, who earn an income for their families”, stated Armen Garslyan.

PJSC Metafrax Board of directors chairman informed that the “Perm region manufacturers” have prepared the suggestions to the head of the Perm region and the Russian government regarding the measures to support the business. They are related to keeping on the same level the prices for electricity and gas, tax exemptions, clarification of the terms of special investment contracts and other solutions and actions valuable to stabilize situation in industry under conditions of the economical crisis and pandemic COVID-19. Separately Armen spoke about the measures taken by the large industrial enterprises to support the region medical facilities.

“Despite a very difficult situation for the enterprises, as the most important issue we consider the help to our doctors. All the colleagues took the responsibility, because without collective responsibility with the doctors the misfortune can affect any household”, highlighted Armen Garslyan.

The amount of the donations to the Perm region fund against the coronavirus has substantially increased. Already 135 mln. rubles were collected. The sums are used to purchase the necessary medicines, equipment and personal protective means.

In Perm there are 880 beds without patients. Also the beds will be provided in the big towns of the Perm region, such us Osa, Chaikovsky, Oktyabrsky, Berezniki and Kudymkar. Total in the region it’s planned to equip more than 1800 dedicated places for the infected by COVID-19.

In the meeting of the region head as a video conference participated 60 directors of the regional industrial enterprises, representatives of the Perm region executive authorities, as well as department of the Perm region Rospotrebnadzor.