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I choose Metadynea

More than 350 employees work at Metadynea today. We have business units in three regions of Russia: industrial sites in Gubakha (Perm region) and Orekhovo-Zuevo (Moscow region), office in Moscow.

We offer to our employees:

  • competitive compensation package
  • social programs and financial support
  • professional and career development possibilities
  • possibility for direct participation in interesting projects
  • work with experienced and highly professional tutors

Working Conditions

We make our best efforts to improve working conditions at working places and regularly conduct HSE training.

Salary and Compensations

We guarantee a competitive salary for our employees. We regularly perform a market analysis and timely respond to changes and trends in labor compensation.

An extensive motivational package has been developed in Metadynea to stimulate employees’ personal achievements. The system of labor compensation and motivation of employees is clear and transparent.

Employee Benefits

We care about improving the life quality of our employees and their families and offer them an extensive range of benefits.

Additional benefits and guarantees include one-time payments and financial aid in various life situations, meal allowance, health resort treatment vouchers for employees and recreation camp vouchers for their children, tickets to New Year festivities for children and sweet presents.

We assist our workers with housing improvement by subsidizing part of their expenses under mortgage contracts.

Professional Development

We constantly develop and increase the skills and qualifications of our specialists at all levels.

We provide the possibility of training directly at working place, as well as at various practical courses and training events. Our employees regularly take part in professional exhibitions and conferences.

Metadynea utilizes a combined training and development system for workers aimed at:

  • acquiring by newly hired employees of necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities corresponding to their positions (professions);
  • improvement of employees’ professional skills and expertise according to industry trends;
  • preparation of internal reserve of candidates for senior positions filling.

Corporate Events

Our employees celebrate their professional holiday - “Chemical Industry Worker’s Day” - together and meet all together at the annual event “The year-end results”, where the results of the previous year’s work are assessed and the best workers are rewarded.

Moscow area Metadynea soccer team is a multiple winner of All-Russia Futsal Tournaments.

Company employees strengthen their health in modern fitness centers and participate in city sports events.

An annual children paintings and handicrafts contest, in which Metadynea employees’ children participate, on the Chemical Industry Worker’s Day, has become a good tradition, the most talented and creative children receive their awards at the annual holiday organized by the Company on the Children’s day.