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A cornerstone in Metadynea strategy is the strong Technical Service for our customers

Our priority is the success of our customers and we work closely with our partners to improve their competitiveness. Thanks to our experience we have a good comprehension of the needs and trends in industries where we serve. Our knowledge allows us to make necessary technical adjustments to optimize the use of the binder to improve the performance of your production process, and help your products to meet specifications at the lowest total cost.

Our Technical Service department provides assistance to our partners in their production processes to meet customer’s needs.

Metadydnea Technical Service is trained to be expert of the industry they work with. Often their background is production or development of resins application industry.

Technical Service is there not only to assist you in problems solving but also in your improvement and development projects.

We are ready to consult your company if you have your own experience of resins application and looking for processes improvements or just going to start your project. Each sales department of our company is supported by its own Technical Service team.

When you need support and technical consultancy, please find Technical Service contacts on the left.

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Дмитрий Щербаков

Ведущий технический специалист по смолам для фанерного производства

Евгения Балахонова

Ведуший технический специалист по смолам для фанерного производства

Михаил Трофимов

Технический специалист по индустриальным смолам

Андрей Сорочкин

Технический специалист по индустриальным смолам

Михаил Иванов

Технический специалист по смолам для древесных плит

Евгений Мыльников

Технический специалист