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Journey to Multiburg and interactive activities by Dominanta

Journey to Multiburg and interactive activities by Dominanta

The Metadynea Company celebrated the International Children's Day with a quest, a performance and a creative competition for the children of employees, as well as a traditional charity event "Hooray, ice cream!".

In Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region, about a hundred people took a "trip to Multiburg". This was a quest with story locations for participants based on popular cartoons with characters, thematic tasks, contests and activities. Children and adults were able to learn shooting from a bow, fight with swords, "fly" in Baba Yaga's mortar, measure their strength in a water shooting range by the water spirit Vodyanoi, drive cars, help Cheburashka (Topple) to collect oranges, and Bremen Town musicians to find musical instruments and perform songs. The field kitchen at the site helped the participants to replenish their strength and try themselves in all presented locations. In the final, all participants received ice cream.

The branch of Metadynea in Gubakha, Perm Region, together with the “Dominanta” theater, organized an interactive performance for children and their parents, employees of the Company, which helped children to explore the seasons in an unusual format. The participants moved from one location to another, together with actors and animators tried themselves in drawing, experiments, music, dancing and other activities.

The results of the annual children's creative works competition were summed up at both venues. 45 children showed their talents on the topic "My future necessary profession". All participants were awarded diplomas and gifts, and exhibitions in the Company's offices were decorated with their creative works.

Karbolit, JSC, also celebrated the Children's Day by congratulating the children of employees and presenting gifts from the Company.

At the end of the traditional project, Metadynea's employees held an annual "Hooray, ice cream!" campaign for pupils of the "Solnechny" Family and Child Development Center for special children in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.

An active social policy is one of the directions of the implementation of the ESG initiatives of Metafrax Group. The "Metadynea" Company and the industrial park "Karbolit" constantly hold events and run campaigns for the benefit of residents of the regions of presence.

Read more about the charity projects and social events implemented in 2023 by Metadynea at the link.