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Metafrax Group: At the Baseline of Russian Chemical Industry Future

Metafrax Group: At the Baseline of Russian Chemical Industry Future

Metafrax Group inculcates a new brand, the extensive work for its creation has been in progress for one year and half. The new brand presentation took place on October 17, during the Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum.

Metafrax Group, the leader in chemical production in Russia and in Europe, starts inculcation of a new brand in its structure. The single brand platform and the visual language developed by agency Electric Brand Consultants will combine all the company’s business units. The new concept will allow the Group to present itself in the target markets more effectively.

Metafrax Group announced beginning of its rebranding in September, 2018. Creation of the new brand structure for the largest manufacturer of Methanol and its derivatives in Russia and in Europe that performs export supplies to 60 countries of the world was entrusted to multichannel branding agency Electric Brand Consultants.

As the project results, the new strategy and the complete brand architecture where the new mother brand that includes all the Metaftax Group sub-brands located in Russia, Austria, Switzerland, and South Korea had been developed.

«The single visual and conceptual communication will allow bringing all of our group structures to the unified standard that also includes interaction with partners and presentation in the target markets. It is important, as the companies that are part of Metafrax Group are located not only in Russia, but also in Europe and Eastern Asia. Our group rebranding is based on a deep research of industrial trends and competition environment. Therefore, we can be sure that the changes related to our brand are important to the whole industry, as they take into account on its experience», said Seyfeddin Rustamov, beneficiary owner of Metafrax Group.

The unique philosophy has been formulated tor the single brand: «Forming of future ecological, social, and business environment via responsible development of the chemical industry». Innovations, responsibility, and stability have become the basic values, and the mission is based on a constant development and creation of propitious ecosystem for the future generations.

«This self-presentation is clear to the other marketeers and to our partners, as well as to each employee of the group, because it really reflects the group business essence and features. The values have reason behind them: the innovations are related to technological leadership in Russia and to the strong scientific developments and formulations center in Austria. The responsibility means our approach to the entire business strategy, systematic social activities, and personnel policy, patronship projects. The stability means our flexible and balanced manufacturing policy», explained Armen Garslyan, Chairman of Metafrax Chemicals Board of Directors.

Names of the group sales, manufacturing, and service structures will be brought to a single standard. Some of them have already had their new commercial names: Metafrax Trading House, LLC was registered as Metafrax Trading, LLC, and Swiss company Metadynea Trading has been operated under its new name Metafrax Trading International.

It was decided to emphasize the main manufacturing site, PJSC Metafrax, by highlighting its significance and basic competency. Therefore, the site will get its new commercial name «Metafrax Chemicals».

«The single standard for the group affiliated undertakings is an important part of the new brand communication platform that considers the group architecture features and allows to make it better structured. The mandatory Metafrax Group wordmark is designed to enhance the sub-brands connection to the mother brand and to simultaneously highlight their historical uniqueness», noted Maria Konovalova, Head of Metafrax Group Communications.

The Electric Brand Consultants team showed the brand self-presentation in its visual language. The agency has developed three different design directions. Metafrax Group chose and proved the Living System direction. The company’s manufacturing and business processes are continuous interconnection system. When new elements appear in the chain, the group architecture is developed like a living matter and supports ecological, social, and business environment.

A dot mark has been chosen as the central element of the label as the symbol of beginning and balance. It forms a circle that is unity and integrity, and the connections between the dots represent stability and movement balance.