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Due to constantly growing energy prices, environmental concerns and in future reducing fossil energy resources, state legislators and public in general as well request improved insulation of buildings. In this development Metadynea is a key player in Russia with its advanced insulation binders.

Metadynea is the market leader in Russian insulation resins markets. This is based on R&D and years of experience of Metadynea’s strategic partner Dynea around the world. And Metadynea’s 10 years’ presence in the Russian markets.

At present about 50% of domestic energy use in Russia is used for heating up buildings. Energy has to be saved and the solution is high quality insulation materials in all building roofs, walls and floors. Also the requested fire safety favours mineral wool based insulation, either stone or glass.

Mineral wool based insulation materials in general are used in thermal insulation, against cold and heat, and to improve fire safety in buildings, in different industrial equipment like pipes, tanks etc. In home appliances like refrigerators, in transportation vehicles, ships and so on. The main feature of an insulation material is the high porosity or large content of air inside the structure of the material. This combined with required mechanical, moisture, flammability and other specified properties bring the low density and low thermal conductivity. And in case of stone or glass wool these specific properties are made possible with a Metadynea binder developed for the purpose.

Mineral wool, as stone or glass wool, is made as raw wool. This is then formed into required form of mats, pipes or slabs with different densities by a binder, normally a phenol-formaldehyde resin.

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