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A gift to "Solnechniy" center

A gift to

Igor Spassky, General Director of "Metadynea" LLC, met with Marina Migunova, Director of the Orekhovo-Zuevo "Solnechniy" Center for Family and Child Development, to present a gift.

The history of friendship between "Metadynea" and "Solnechniy" Center began in 2020, when the company, among others, took part in the repair and furnishing of a classroom for children with disabilities. Since that time, "Metadynea" continues to provide charitable assistance to the center. During another meeting with Marina Migunova, the director of "Solnechniy", Igor Spassky presented a laptop that will increase the efficiency of preparation and performance of classes with children.

- The support of "Metadynea" is very significant for us, - says Marina Migunova. – Thanks to the multifunctional device you donated, which has a scanner, printer and copying device, our speech therapist now has the opportunity to make the right number of copies of materials for classes with children. The laptop will also be a great help in our work – it means presentations, videos and photos. This will expand our capabilities.

The philosophy of "Metafrax Group", which includes active charitable activities in the target regions, continues to be implemented in the projects of "Metadynea". In the future, the company plans to continue to provide assistance and support to sports, cultural and educational projects both in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow region, where the company's largest site is located, and in Gubakha, Perm region, where a branch of "Metadynea" operates as well.

The pupils of the "Solnechniy" center are children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental challenges. Teachers and volunteers of the center provide social and psychological assistance to such children, help develop their creative, intellectual and physical abilities, and provide consultations to parents.