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Awards for labour merits

Awards for labour merits

During Labour Day of the Moscow region, the award ceremony for advanced specialists and workers of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo city district of the Moscow region was held at the Winter Theatre. On April 21st, Natalia Drozdova, the storekeeper of "Metadynea's" material storage facility, and Tatiana Gubanova, the head of the documentation office of "Karbolit" JSC, were congratulated among the best workers.

On Labour Day, employees of "Metafrax Group" companies traditionally receive awards and commendations of various levels. This year, the badge of the Moscow Regional Duma "For labour" was awarded to Natalia Drozdova during a grand ceremony.

- For me, the news about the award were quite unexpected, - Natalia Drozdova shares her impressions after the ceremony. – I was nervous, of course. My family and my manager came to support me. It is great when you can share joy with your loved ones. I am very pleased and I am grateful that my work and contribution are appreciated!

Natalia Drozdova is a storekeeper of material storage facility and has been working at "Metadynea" since 2013. She proved herself as a competent and responsible specialist. She has thirty years of experience in material storage management and passes the knowledge down to young specialists. During her time at the company, Natalia Drozdova has implemented many projects for the introduction of automation solutions for warehouse management, which are confirmed for compliance with international quality standards. These solutions are being actively used in "Metadynea" to this day.

Tatiana Gubanova is the head of the documentation office of "Karbolit". She was also awarded a commendation from the regional authorities. Throughout her time at the company, she has been successfully solving atypical and complex tasks. Her professionalism became a stepping-stone for many generations of "Karbolit" employees. As part of social activities, Tatiana Gubanova, together with the company's management, organizes various types of support at the request of those in need as well as arranges annual socially important events for the industrial park and residents of the Karbolit microdistrict.

Congratulations on awards to our colleagues! We wish you new achievements in your professional activity.

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