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Efficient Autologistics

Efficient Autologistics

Metadynea in Orekhovo-Zuyevo has put in operation a new Autologistics transport system.

Metadynea logistics and FEA specialists initiated the project and Metafrax-Inform designed it. Thanks to the implemented innovations, the throughput of shipments at the production site has increased more than twice. The transport dwell time at site has become only one hour. This should also have a positive impact on the surrounding urban road infrastructure.

“Group companies, with the participation of Metafrax-Inform specialists, regularly implement new IT solutions to improve business efficiency," commented Stanislav Noskov, General Director of Metafrax-Inform. “Automation of Metadynea logistics in the new system is designed and implemented according to the Agile methodology, in our case it was important to keep the site operational capability during the project. The chosen methodology met our needs and helped us to complete the tasks successfully.”

Roman Mashchenko, Project manager of Metafrax-Inform pointed out that the introduction of the Autologistics system resulted in the automation for the main units related to the logistics system at the Metadynea site. New ways of document and traffic management have been also implemented.

Increased efficiency in this system attracted transport companies for the transport use due to a more accurate scheduling of arrivals and dwell time at site.

Project manager of Metadynea Yekaterina Nazarova reported about the ongoing deployment of this system at Metadynea site in Gubakha. The near-term plans for the system development include automation of the shipment process by rail.