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To Be in a Flow with the Team

To Be in a Flow with the Team

In February, 2020, the decision to appoint Vyacheslav Zhdanov to the position of Deputy General Director - Production Director of Metadynea company was made. A lot of global events and changes have happened since that time. Editorial team of corporate newspaper Chemistry Without Limits spoke to Vyacheslav Nikolayevich about the things that had led him to Metadynea, what tasks were solved, and what events of the past few years affected his work and manufacturing.

Telling about the work experience in the limitation conditions caused by Coronavirus, Vyacheslav Zhdanov noted that this situation had become a great challenge for all employees:

- That was a total change in our usual conditions and work methods. I believe that, thanks to the professionalism, mutual support, and caring about the company's fate by each employee, the Metadynea team not only has become adapted successfully, but they showed really decent results. The production and finance indicators speak for themselves. We were working in the same pandemic limitations throughout the entire 2021. The year shown great results, we were setting records in the product manufacturing. Moreover, the situation with product quality was significantly improved.

When answering the question about today's tendencies effect to the Metadynea plant operation, the manager highlighted that the company was handling the current challenges:

- There are always new tasks for the raw material provision before us. But we have an advantage in this case. At the end of the day, some of the main raw materials are manufactured by Metafrax, our group of companies. This provides huge advantages to the raw material supply. So, we can definitely say that the situation is intense, but, as of today, the plant has been operated steadily. We haven't had any significant idle time and underproduction.

Vyacheslav Zhdanov also shared the plans for development of the company's industrial site in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow region:

- We continue the implementation of the key investment projects. We intend to extend the resins production. To do this, we need to boost the production of formalin, which is a raw material. This is about the Formalin-3 project, which implementation has also been going on. The resin production extension project is a new building with new modern equipment, and construction of additional infrastructure at the site. In addition, we started a project to create a new product for the country, BIO-propylene glycol, which is at its basic design phase.

According to the company's top manager, when extending the production capacities, the safety is estimated at each phase of the design and during making each technical decision:

- According to our own experience and our suppliers' practices, we apply the most reliable technologies. We take all the necessary measures that are required by the law during development of the design documentation, construction and commissioning.