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We offer technological solutions and a wide range of products for various applications of PB production.

Liquid urea resins are used for interior applications; melamine-urea resins are used when a degree of moisture resistance or dimensional stability is required.

  • Standard E1 single resin system

Primere 10F101

  • Standard E1 twin resin system

Primere 10F152 for surface and Primere 10F102 for core


Various urea formaldehyde (UF) and melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF) resins as single resin and twin resin systems.

  • F****

Various melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF) resins for standard boards and melamine-urea formaldehyde resins (MUF) for P3 and P5 boards.

  • AsWood™

This is a product group of formaldehyde based resins developed in Krems which gives a formaldehyde emission like untreated, natural wood.

  • Resins for waterresistant boards

Various melamine-urea formaldehyde (MUF) resins.