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Composite board resins

Metadynea is the leading resin supplier to Russian wood based panels producers

For both technical and commercial reasons formaldehyde based glues and resins became widely accepted as preferred binders which are absolutely essential for construction and furniture production.

We have a deep understanding of our customers' production processes and work with them via constructive dialogue in order to optimize the performance of Metadynea resins.

Thanks to the long-time experience we know and respect the importance of consistent product quality. Our product range includes multiple grades with a focus of our activities in the area of low-emission resins and increased output.

Key benefits

  • Our resins are characterized to have consistent high quality and to be eco-friendly.
  • In cooperation with our customers, we have developed resins with adapted and improved properties that provide consistently high product quality and low formaldehyde emissions – according to all relevant standards, from E1 to E½ and E1/3.
  • Our resins allow to manufacture PB with improved surface quality
  • Metadynea resins provide fast cure for short press times and high plant capacities; moisture resistance for use in humid conditions and for outdoor applications; tolerance to different wood species as well as variations in fiber humidity.
  • We understand your current needs and are ready to meet new market challenges together with you.
  • Metadynea has been involved in creating glues and adhesive systems for particle board manufacture since the early 1960′s. We have a long and deep understanding of our customers’ processes. We work together with our customers to optimize the performance of our resins in their production processes.
  • Our technical service will help to find the right product and achieve the goals

Thanks to the accumulated experience, our specialists understand how the technological conditions applied at the factories of our customers affect the recipes and parameters of the resin, and select the most suitable resin and adhesive solution in order to ensure the required performance and meet economic requirements, in accordance with the latest technologies.

Contact us

Anastasiya Afanasievskaya

Lead Sales Manager, Composite Board Resins

Mariya Ilyina

Lead Sales Manager, PLW resins

Olga Paska

Sales Manager, Composite Board Resins

Ekaterina Nazarova

Sales Manager, PLW resins

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