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Mineral wool production with synthetic binder includes following processing steps:

  • Charge preparation
  • Binder solution preparation
  • Silica melt preparation
  • Formation of fiber from melt flow of glass or stone
  • Mat formation from the individual fibers
  • Binder spray to the fibers / mat
  • Heating and curing of mineral wool mat
  • Cooling of the mat
  • Cutting into desired forms and sizes and packaging

To achieve the desired properties of the final product an important step of the process is the spraying of the binder. This binders adheres the loose fibers to bond together into a form with specified mechanical properties.

Choice of the binder affects among other things insulation wool’s humidity resistance, VOC emissions of the manufacturing process. With the appropriate binder also emissions from the insulation material in its use can be radically reduced. And the choice of binder type is depending also on the end application of the wool, its density and other properties.