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Mineral wool

Metadynea is the market leader in Russian insulation resins markets.

Special binders based on Metadynea resins are developed for stone or glass wool treatment. Then the wools are used in insulation materials production.

Application of our resins ensures the low density and low thermal conductivity of the insulation material.

Key benefits

Our resins are characterized by consistent high quality and environmental friendliness

  • In cooperation with our customers, we have developed resins with adapted and improved properties that provide consistently high product quality and low formaldehyde emissions.
  • Our resins meet the requirements to the binder
  • high adhesion to silicate fibers to bring and fulfill high strength properties to the insulation
  • good solubility to water for the formation of optimal particles for the spray emulsion
  • high reactivity for curing and solidification
  • high heat stability
  • moisture resistance in cured form
  • good aging properties
  • We understand your current needs and are ready to meet new market challenges together with you.
  • We offer resins tailored to the requirements for your products and processes.
  • Our technical service will help to find the right product and achieve the goals.

Producing state-of-the-art resins, Metadynea has all the capabilities and skills to provide technical service: from consulting and solving binder-related issues and process development at a consumer's plant, to helping our customers with the products output and capacity improvement.

Contact us

Irina Koroleva

Lead Sales Manager, Industrial Resins

Yulia Fedoruk

Sales Manager, Industrial Resins

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