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Particle Board (PB)

Thanks to our long-time experience in supplies of binder solutions to particle board producers, we are able offer consistent product quality, safety of supply and timely deliveries.

Our product range includes several grades, although we have concentrated our activities mainly in the area of low-emission resins. Liquid urea resins are used for interior applications; melamine-urea resins are used when a degree of moisture resistance or dimensional stability is required.

The benefits of these resins include, among others, extremely low formaldehyde emissions – according to all relevant standards, from E1 to ½ and 1/3 E1, fast cure for short press times and high plant capacities; moisture resistance for use in humid conditions and for outdoor applications; tolerance to different wood species as well as variations in fibre humidity, as well as improved surface quality, e.g. in terms of treatment with lacquers and varnishes.

Metadynea, as a part of Dynea, that has been involved in creating glues and adhesive systems for particle board manufacture since the early 1960′s, has a long and deep understanding of our customers’ processes. We work together with our customers to optimise the performance of our resins in their production processes.

Standard E1 single resin system

Prefere 10F101

Standard E1 twin resin system

Prefere 10F152 for surface and Prefere 10F102 for core


Various urea formaldehyde (UF) and melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF) resins as single resin and twin resin systems.


Various melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF) resins for standard boards and melamine-urea formaldehyde resins (MUF) for P3 and P5 boards.


This is a product group of formaldehyde based resins developed in Krems which gives a formaldehyde emission like untreated, natural wood.

Resins for waterresistant boards

Prefere 10H120 and 125