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Wood Based Panels

Metadynea is the leading resin supplier to Russian wood based panel producers

To increase the yield of lumber cut for construction- and furniture production without sacrificing e.g. strength parameters in the final products, several industrial processes for manufacturing wood based systems have been developed. Binding agents are essential parts therein. For both technical and commercial reasons formaldehyde based systems became widely accepted as preferred glue systems.

Metadynea, which is involved in developing glues and resin systems for many applications throughout the wood based panels industry since the early 1960′s, has a long and deep understanding of our customers’ processes. We work together with our customers to optimize the performance of our resins in their production processes.

Thanks to the long-time experience we know and respect the importance of consistent product quality, safety of supply and timely deliveries. Our product range includes multiple grades with a focus of our activities in the area of low-emission resins and increased output.

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Anastasiya Afanasievskaya

Ведущий менеджер по продажам смол для древесных плит и пропиточной бумаги

Mariya Ilyina

Lead Sales Manager, PLW Resins

Ольга Паска

Менеджер по продажам смол для древесных плит

Анна Дёмина

Менеджер по продажам смол для фанерного производства

Станислав Габдрафиков

Менеджер по продажам смол для древесных плит

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