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Challenges in new conditions

Challenges in new conditions

Metafrax Group presented the experience of anti-crisis planning at the conference on technologies for the production of mineral fertilizers "Mineral Fertilizers 2022".

Metafrax Group was a partner of the conference,held on October 12-13 in Sochi. Together with representatives of leading chemical companies, approaches to the implementation of key investment projects in the current conditions were discussed.

The delegation of Metafrax Group included Mr. Levon Garslyan, Director for Strategic Development and Evaluation of Investment Projects, Mrs. Maria Konovalova, Head of the Strategic Communications Department, Mr. Andrey Eremeev, Director of Metafrax Chemicals for Technical Development, andMrs.Lyudmila Zueva, Deputy Head of the Strategic Development Department.

In his welcoming speech to the conference participants, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metafrax Chemicals, Mr. Armen Garslyan raised the topics, that cause concerns to representatives of the chemical industry: "The difficult situation that we are all experiencing now is, of course, the time to search for new opportunities. We are talking about entering into new markets, first of all in the Asia-Pacific region. Unique conditions have establishedfor the development of Russian manufacturers of technologies, equipment and components. Industrial cooperation both inside our country and inframes of the CIS statesis the second important area of our discussion. The third topic that seems extremely relevant today is the implementation of domestic digital solutions in industry."

Mr. Levon Garslyan noted the importance of cooperation between the participants of the industry: "In order to review openly and deliberately the challenge, that we face in this current difficult situation and in order to work out joint solutions, we shall act not as competitors, but as partners. This will allow us to ensure the sustainable operation of our production facilities, as well as development in the current conditions."

In the section "Implementation of key investment projects under sanctionalpressure" Mr. Levon Garslyan and Mr. Andrey Eremeev presented the experience of anti-crisis planning of Metafrax Group.

"Anti-crisis management allows our holding company to develop operational solutions in the current turbulent situation in order to maintain business efficiency and outline ways of further development, that will provide the Group with all the necessary technologies and spare parts," noted. Mr.Andrey Eremeev.

Together with colleagues from Eurochem, Uralchem, Phosagro, Grodno Azot and Krastsvetmet, challenging opportunities for working with licensors, equipment suppliers, catalyst manufacturers, as well as domestic import substitution of technologies for the modernization of existing capacities and the creation of new ones were actively discussed.

The importance of implementing and following the principles of sustainable development was also reflected in the discussion of actual agenda. The vision of Metafrax Group was expressed byMr. Armen Garslyan in his welcoming speech: Metafrax Group continues to move towards thesustainable development, implementing projects to introduce modern and effective ways to reduce emissions and wastes. We consistently systematize this work at the level of the entire group of companies."