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Creating harmony in the team

Creating harmony in the team

Metadynea in Orekhovo-Zuevo and Moscow made a pilot series of psychological trainings for employees. Program is aimed to keep favorable emotional state of the employees. This initiative became a new working area for implementation in the company operation the sustainable development principles of Metafrax Group.

The meetings took place in April and May 2023. The trainers were practicing psychologists, candidates of psychological sciences of the Department of Psychology and Defectology of the State Humanitarian-Technological University (SHTU), as well as specialists of the Scientific Center of Psychological Assistance "Ponimanie". At the trainings the participants were told about the ways to overcome the emotional burnout by means of physical and mental relaxation methods, methods of stress prevention, stress and fatigue relief.

“Maintaining emotional balance, the ability to cope with the stresses of life in general and in the workplace, and without damaging physical and moral health are important qualities of an effective employee. That's why for our company it's important to take care not only about physical well-being of employees, but also about their emotional state”, commented Natalya Kotova, deputy director general - director of legal and personnel questions of LLC Metadynea. “A person can think clearly and find unique solutions only in a calm state. The main task of trainings is to acquaint employees with possible tools to avoid stressful situations, to prevent their consequences, to develop skills of managing their emotions. This will help employees to maintain clarity and mobility, as well as motivation to change, learn and achieve sustainable results in crisis situations”.

During the meetings, the participants also can discuss with a specialist the issues important for them, for example, on parenting, relationships, and reasons of conflicts. etc.