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Metadynea projects conveyor

Metadynea projects conveyor

Deputy general director of LLC Metadynea Levon Garslyan has participated in the international conference “Gas monetization in Russia and CIS”, which is a meaningful event for business in gas processing industry for obtaining the products with high added value. In discussion participated specialists of the leading companies in gas and chemical industry of Russia and CIS countries. The event covers the whole spectrum of gas and chemical productions: methanol, ammonia, urea and their derivatives.

Metadynea top manager on 20 of April in a remote mode has presented a report “Projects search in middle- and low tonnage chemistry. Metafrax Group experience” and replied to the questions of the event participants. In particular, Levon Garslyan told that on the initial stage of the path, prior to identification of the specific projects, there is matching of its goals with the goals of Metafrax Group in the company, as well as evaluation of the existing resources, and with that not only financial and production, but managerial as well.

Then, according to him, the project criteria are defined for many different parameters: financial, production and distribution area and many others. Possible ways of a state aid are mandatory considered. Import, macro trends and the end industry are analyzed in order to understand, who could be the customer and what is the demand dynamic for the final users. As a result, priority product areas are created, within which the projects development is organized.

Metadynea deputy general director has distinguished 4 stages of each project development. During the first stage jointly with the specialists of Metafrax Engineering and Technology Center there is a primary chemical analysis, raw materials availability is defined, “circuits” and processing stages, possibilities of further processing. During the second development stage, the experts are engaged for market analysis, evaluation of demand, competitors and advantages, export potential. During the third stage a feasibility study (FS) is prepared, research and development (R&D) activities are conducted, search of available technologies is defined. At the final stage there is a project “packing”, its financial model is prepared, market entry strategy. Business plan is provided for review and, in case of approval, it is forwarded for implementation.

Levon Garslyan particularly mentioned that business development is a continuous process that is why in his opinion it is important to have a differentiated ideas portfolio.

“There shall be a set of projects at different stages of development, conveyor system, continuous work. As an example, two projects at one stage, three at the stage of the technologies search, two projects, which are on the desk of the Board of Directors and which wait for approval, and several projects under implementation. We get back to some topics, some topics we close, because we understand that there will be no perspective for them for a long time. It allows not to focus on a single topic, which in the end may result in a failure and a waste of time. In fact, from an idea to a constructed plant in average there is 5 years period. That is why it is important to have a diversified projects portfolio. The pandemic helped us to understand the correctness of such approach, thanks to that we became braver in decision making”, stated Levon Garslyan.